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Dear All.

Today we are presenting, for the first time, a new Top 20 play list based on actual listening statistics/week on our S.C profile.

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New release !

The new single by WUZ10 to be exclusively released to iTunes and Spotify on October 18, 2013 !


Semper Fidelis is the second single out from Marseille DJ WUZ10. The single is elusively released on iTunes & Spotify on October 18,2013. The single has been sent already to national radio in Sweden and Denmark and will be followed by radio in the UK, France, Germany …ASAP. You can listen to the song already following the link below. Play it to your friends, share it and please send us your support. The artwork is made by Raphael Le Bidois.

New release on our new label initiative !


We have today released a new single “Erotica” by Marseille native dj WUZ10. Listen and download following the links below:





…to be continued !

Music publishing

tatiAs a music publisher we are receiving loads of opportunities to be taken to higher grounds. We are looking for popular music in the genres of rock, pop, world, jazz, r’n’b, blues, ambient, house, techno, dub, reggae, dance, electronic …

Please upload your tunes to our dropbox @ for consideration.

Cheers in Milk !

backstage2On March 5th, 2002 Sublime Exile Recordings first opened it’s doors and on the 20th the same month we celebrated with a great showcase on the famous club Loppen in the free town Christiania, in Copenhagen, Denmark. We were announcing three new acts playing live in front of an excited audience. We had three new albums to be released. Albums we’d been working on for quite some time and we had a great new distribution collaboration with a newcomer called Playground Music Scandinavia. It was all set for success and our first release with Kira and the kindred spirits received massive attention as it hit the streets on June 17. In November the same year we received a Grammy Award for best new talent with Racing Ape. We were also working with bands like The girl on the death row, in our studio. Later renowned as The Raveonetts. Both Sune Wagner and Sharin Foo appears on our second release Pilot Fatique by Pleasure Machine released on August 12. Well, enough said. It’s been 11 great years. Initially in the spotlight, later in the shades of all the dull this business includes. Below you’ll see a great never before seen video by Kira and the kindred spirits taken from that very evening. The wondershare logo in the upper video corner indicates the software used only and has off course nothing to do with the band. Enjoy !

New Fake album !

The Fake album !

The long awaited debut album to Fake is finally set to be released on January 6, 2013 and includes no less than 14 smash hits. All approx. 3 minutes long for secure radio play. The album includes both singles, the old + 1 brand new version, and I’m waiting for the man (Lou Reed) + 8 fresh new skate punks. Fake are two professional songwriters and musicians. One Swedish and one American. They prefer being a secret project, hence their name FAKE.

You license again !

We have rejoined the community.

In 2007 we first joined the licensing community However, we left a couple of years later in an attempt to try flying on our own wings. Together with our latest cooperation with Soundcloud + Getty Images we hope that this will take us to higher grounds, over the hills, in to the skies.



New signing !

We have signed a new band to the label !

We’d like to welcome our latest signing Ur Knall to the label. Ur Knall is like nothing else, a unique international collective kneaded, pasted and glued together by LaVin. The epicentre of the band is Budapest and Berlin, with seismic waves in Brisbane and Beijing. Members of the band also play with classical, jazz, punk, rock and music theatre projects.

First time we heard Ur Knall was a demo sent to our inbox. We thought it sounded crazy and was wondering why such music had come our way.

Honestly we were not listening very much to it and turned it off quite immediately. But something called us back. Ur Knall – something about it. So we decided to give it some more of our pressures time :) and jumped in to it and found out it includes a lot of music. Crazy but great music and totally unpredictable. Like you probably would hear on a 13th century market square but with electric guitars and strange whispering voices. We like the unpredictable. There’s nothing like it !

Ur Knall is making music on their live sets and not in studio. Everything is recorded live. Often with no breaks and some songs turn out to be over 30 minutes long. Sometimes even longer. The music is of course rehearsed but anything can come to a live set and so it does.

We thought their music needed more attention and so we decided to release all their music as soon as possible and first release is “Quasimodo….”

There are at least four more releases to come but at this very moment we are not sure when and what to release as we are working on that right now.

Quasimodo session musicians are:

Jan Fretwurst: guitar, percussion (drums on Harangok)
Yacop Warnecke: bass (sampler on You Say Time is Money)
Jano Ujvari: saxophon, keyboard, effects
Kari Lehoczki: drums, perc
LaVin Virag: voice, didgeridoo, jews harp, percussion, harp


“Quasimodo das Baerchen holt Papa aus der Kneipe ab” is released on June 17, 2012 on selected stores throughout the Internet.

Collected reviews:
  • Alternance de jazz, de rock, de prog et de psychédélique, un détonnant et étonnant cocktail. C’est fou, délirant, presque sans limites, sans retenue. Personnellement j’adore ca. Ca vit, ca bouge, ca pulse. Loin du carcan des stéréotypes, une musique libre. Par contre, au niveau de la voix, ca reste moyen. Plus des vociférations qui n’apporte pas grand chose. En tout cas, un univers sonore particulier, original et unique. Rebel Raiser
  • Surpris de trouver que troll ici .je reviens sur mes coups de coeur déjà ancients .car l’ensemble de l’oeuvre de urknall est passionnante oscillant entre rock ,prog, jazz,…beaucoup d’influences présente 70 t et bauhaus …free… contemporaines ,expérimentales …bref.j’adhère et conseille aux amateurs cherchant de la personnalité chez les artistes ,écouter urknall vous serez ravis …pure créations artistique que beaucoup de nous recherchons ici …merci a vous les créateurs de cet univers unic. Bravo ! Ziko Keur
  • Un album progressive jazz à nombreuses incrustations acoustiques et rock. A very nice album ! Thanks. Troll 69
  • Jazz rock that mangles with your head…Ur Knall are without doubt a mind-blowing musical narcotic. Intense rambling jamming with mesmerising scitzo-rhythms and spontaneous mushroom-meandering tonal diatribes. Bloody fantastic !  Voz De Sangue
  • Great! – this is progressive underground jazz-like accoustic trance freestyle new whatever music. i would like to compare to Mr. Mangelsdorff, but there is a lot more to this. I love the sound, which seems to be created all accoutically. People who are open to new ways of Jazz and different approches to Rock should listen to this. … auf Deutsch: oberaffengeile mucke!  Ren van Hirk


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Please support us !

Please support us – share our music !! – The player below features music released between 2002 – 2012 ! – All files are free for download, allowed for widgets, available for apps and delivered in 128 kbps. For larger files, please support us by sharing our music throughout the Internet or consider buying our music. Do as you like or do nothing at all but following the mainstream. Great thanks !!!

Stats and updates !

It’s ups and it’s downs !

Currently it’s all ups and here follows the latest updates taken from our Soundcloud profile. The Fakes, The MeMeMe’s, Racing Ape, Basiru Suso and Fake are all the great winners in this weeks Soundcloud stats updates with increases in plays and visibility throughout the entire Internet. Please listen below. All links opens in new windows.

Our music is currently most popular in the following countries:

43% United States
15% Australia
9% Turkey
8% Denmark
7% Germany

And the music they are all playing is:

 Brittle by The Fakes || +400% increase since last update ||
Hey Julie by The MeMeMe’s || +300% increase since last update ||
Counting Years by Racing Ape || +500% increase since last update ||
Synchronicity by Basiru Suso || +67% increase since last update ||
1·2·3·4 [remix] by Fake || +150% increase since last update ||

*All stats are taken from

I’m waiting for the man (Lou Reed) !

This weeks update. Due to Soundcloud our music, especially “I’m waiting for the man“, is currently streamed and downloaded in the US with an 50% increase.

I'm Waiting for the Man - One.two, Fake You“I’m waiting for the man” is taken from the debut E.P “One, Two, Fake You” released by Fake in 2007 and reissued in 2010. The song is originally written by Lou Reed and released on the legendary “The Velvet Underground and Nico album in 1967. All rights reserved. ℗ 2010 Sublime Exile Recordings


Soundcloud update:

Below you’ll find plays and stats (% up or down compared to previous week) on most popular tracks in our catalog of great artists and music. Further below by popularity (where our music is actually being played) by country.

  1. Hey Julie by The MeMeMe’s
    7 327 total plays +250%
  2. Laundromat by Pondus
    5 613 total plays +400%
  3. Save Me by Kira and the kindred spirits
    4 470 total plays +100%
  4. 1·2·3·4 [remix] by Fake
    2 290 total plays 0%
  5. Lead You On by Kira and the kindred spirits
    2 30 total plays 0%
  6. Brittle by The Fakes
    2 197 total plays +100%
  7. Gull by Pondus
    2 126 total plays +100%
  8. Secrets of the forest by Basiru Suso
    1 37 total plays 0%
  9. Synchronicity by Basiru Suso
    1 167 total plays 100%
  • 25% Denmark
  • 22% United Kingdom
  • 18% Germany
  • 16% Turkey
  •   4% France

Stats and updates

The Best Of African Music

Synchronicity by Basiru Suso is included to The Best Of African Music – One World – One Love edition to be released on 30 November, 2010. The compilation is published by African Music Publishing, distributed by Edel Records and marketed by United Entertainment & Media Limited.

Synchronicity is taken from Basiru Suso’s Grammy Nominated “The World Alive” album released in 2009

The album is marketed and promoted on TV: MTV, ViVa, VH1 | Radio: BBC Radio 3, WDR, Radio NRW | Internet: Online Magazines, Internet Radio Stations, Google Ad, Blogs etc.

The Best of African Music (One World One Love Edition) - Various Artists

The Best Of African Music tracklisting includes the following artists:

1. Safari by TATE SIMMS, 2. Friends by NAS & DAMIAN MARLEY, 3. Africa by ADONYE GREEN, 4. Sina Mous by MISS MAAWA, 5. Oh Africa by AKON Feat. KERI HILSON, 6. Ikon Allah by ED JATTO7. Good Life by BLACKFACE NAIJA & SEUN ANIKULAPO KUTI, 8. Africans by NNEKA, 9. Afri by TEA, 10. Afronaut by SHAMAN’S DREAM, 11. African Dance by CESAR FUNCK, 12. African ‘n’ Proud by PAUL PLAY DAIRO, 13. Love Around The World by JASON FARNHAM, 14. One Voice by OBIORA OBIWON, 15. Synchronicity by BASIRU SUSO, 16. Desert Cry by PROOFSOUND

New release !

The Anonymous Mista D is releasing his debut single “Trapetz” on August 29, 2010 on our new sub label initiative The Monotone Files. The Anonymous Mista D is an artist who got his first guitar 4 decades ago at age 10 and throughout the years he’s been working and collaborating with a great number of prominent artists. Trapetz is available on over 250 digital Internet outlets throughout the entire Internet.

Label: The Monotone Files
Release Date: 08/29/2010
Price: Digital 45 (0,99 €/$)

Sublime Exile Recordings up 50% !

Due to our latest sales figures we have an increase in digital download sales and streams.

Since we joined the fabulous french aggregator Believe Digital in October last year (2008) our sales figures has seen a dramatic increase of 52% in the latest quarter.

Additionally we have signed another aggregation service with the leading Chinese R2G/Wawawa digital distribution provider which means we are amongst the first entering the unexplored huge market (over 350 mill.)

Furthermore we have made several licensing deals, due to our recent cooperation with, and all our music is getting more and more attention all over the Internet.

We are now ready to take the label to the next step and we are on the look out for possible acts to take on board. Artists can now upload their demos on our website !

Sublime Exile Recordings


Urgent music licensing opportunity !

We are currently looking for music in the categories as follows:

Upbeat and catchy song melting Pop with Electronic for TVC needed !
The project we need music for is a commercial of a technology brand. The song shall be fresh, upbeat and catchy with a nice melody/hook. Songs with…
Deadline: 31.01.2014 23:59:00 (in ▶ 3 days + 3 hours)
Media: All
Territory: World

Relaxed instrumental piece with high-class flair for product film
Hi there, for a product film of a technology brand (to be shown at point of sale) we are looking for a piece that symbolizes high-class and style/…
Deadline: 30.01.2014 23:59:00 (in ▶ 2 days + 3 hours)
Media: Point of sale
Territory: World

Heroic and emotional Score for web image film needed
For a web image film of a technology brand we are looking for a score piece that is emotional and builds tension. However, the music shall neithe…
Deadline: 30.01.2014 20:00:00 (in ▶ 2 days + 2 seconds)
Media: TV, Internet, Point of sale and Trade show/event
Territory: World (see descrtiption for usage details)

Songs lyrically dealing with ‘more’
A campaign of a service company needs your music ! The campaign idea evolves around the word “more”, so putting it to a service company anything ar…
Deadline: 29.01.2014 23:59:00 (in ▶ 1 day + 3 hours)
Media: All
Territory: World (see description for details)

Send us your tune below. Your best tune and one only, please.

Submit here !

New label !

Welcome to the Little Devil Island. We’re an subsidiary to the independent music publisher Sublime Exile Recordings. We need to expand our reach and invite crazy new acts that will break any heart and mind. The criteria for the music being submitted to the group is that it must be edgy not necessarily beautiful but unique. We are primary looking for everything in between roots music in the reggae, ska, dub and indie pop/rock genres.

The name Little Devil Island is taken from an island situated in the seas between Denmark and Sweden. The island is often called The Devil’s Island, especially amongst the “jutlanders” in Jutland, the peninsula that juts out in Northern Europe towards the rest of Scandinavia.

The player below features music submitted to the S.C group. Please join here !